How to plant a Leylandii hedge for best results

Planting and caring for a new hedge is very similar to that for any new tree or shrub. Good soil preparation beforehand will give your hedge the best start in life.  Dig twice as deep and wide as the pot, remove clay or poor soil and dig in an organic mulch or compost for best results.

Planting distances vary from 30-100cm (1-3ft), depending on the plants’ final size, the size of hedge required and plant vigour.  The closer they are planted the quicker the hedge will fill out and become a solid screen.

For hedges thicker than 90cm (3ft), plant a staggered double row 45cm (18in) apart, with plants 90cm (3ft) apart.  Water well on planting especially if the soil is dry.

Recommended planting for an instant hedge
Up to 2 metres high, plant 3 to 4 per metre
Up to 3 metres high, plant 2 to 3 per metre
Up to 4 metres high, plant 1 to 2 per metre
Up to 5 metres high, plant 1 per metre
Of course if you are prepared to wait, the planting distances can be wider.