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Of course other people may tell you different that this and I may be proved wrong on some of these points. So check with others and maybe don't take everything I say as the only truth.  Oh, how true that is in life...

How to plant a Leylandii hedge for best results

Planting and caring for a new hedge is very similar to that for any new tree or shrub. Good soil preparation beforehand will give your hedge the best start in life.  Dig twice as deep and wide as the pot, remove clay or poor soil and dig in an organic mulch or compost for best results. […]

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Pot Size Convertor

Plants are more often sold in pot size rather than height, a larger pot normally means an older plant. You can buy taller plants with smaller pots but these don’t always grow as well or quicker than larger pot versions, which are older and more established and have probably been trimmed to give a more […]

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UK Delivery Only – Minimum order value £120 Our 48 hr standard delivery charge is £55 on plants up 300cm high, £110 for 300-400cm and £160 for over 400cm to most of the UK. These prices may seem high to some people but we don’t mark them up, that’s what we are charged by the couriers, […]

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Privacy and your data

Privacy and your data: Unless you shop from us, we know nothing about you If you buy something, we get a record of what you have brought, your address, IP address*, phone numbers and email address, we have to keep that information for tax purposes Your payment is processed by either PayPal or Stripe, and […]

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Aftercare – getting the best from Leylandii

Ensure plants are well watered during dry spells , especially in the first 4 months you should consider watering every other day, after that once a week for the next year or two.  Top-dress annually with a general-purpose fertiliser and mulch as required. Keep the hedge weed free, remove competing vegetation within 30cm (1ft) each […]

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Brown patches and problems

Brown patches and dieback on Leylandii’s can be caused by Honey Fungus (mushrooms), Kabatina blight, Phytophthora root rot (bad drainage), poor planting, drought, excessive clipping and Cypress Aphids. So most of the above list is down to poor management apart form Cypress Aphids (Cinara cupressivora), which suck sap from the stems and even quite light infestations can have a significant […]

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Hedge height and light loss

We are often asked for Green Leylandii hedging to block out a neighbouring eyesore.  Also what is the current law concerning tall hedges, the simple answer is, we don’t know or that different councils have different attitudes to hedges and how high they should be, so it is probably best to ask your local council. Usually there […]

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Leylandii Roots

Green Leylandii’s roots do not usually grow deep, they do however grow out to the sides, so there maybe an issue when planting large trees next to the house. Our advice is to keep height of those near to a house trimmed to 2 metres (6ft 6ins) or smaller, or simply avoid planting to close. […]

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